22 feb. 2009

Kas & DJ Digga - Let´s Go Back/Area Expander + bonus track (2005)

In 2005 I was a proper Myspace-o-holic spending countless of hours connecting with foreign emcees that were looking for beats and producers. Me and this Georgia based emcee called Kas colaborated on a regular basis between 2005 and 2006, and we did like ten tracks together. Around the time when we were about to finish his album named "The Lever-Balance Theory" and Kas had his album artwork, contracts and all pretty much on lock, he somehow dissappeared (to Alaska I heard...) and the project was put on hold, never to be picked up again. I produced this track "Let´s Go Back" for him, which was supposed to be the kick-off single for the album that never came out. On the flip Kas disses the shit out of Kanye West on "Area Expander". "I come with that 93 Chief Rocka type shit...". Also included a bonus track, our first joint together "This Ain´t Hip Hop".

Artist: Kas & DJ Digga
Track: Let´s Go Back b/w Area Expander & This Ain´t Hip Hop
Producer DJ Digga
Bitrate: 256 kbps

A1: Let´s Go Back (Street Version) (Download)
A2: Let´s Go Back (Instrumental) (Download)
B1: Area Expander (Download)
B2: This Ain´t Hip Hop (bonus track) (Download)

3 kommentarer:

Code 26 sa...

detta e enbart superfett! synd att snubben gjorde en spökplump..

Teddy sa...

galet fett!! synd att skivan inte blev klar.

Chips sa...

Tvärfeta tracks! ''Let's go back'' var galet laidback, ett riktigt soft beat.