16 feb. 2010

Dj Digga - The Golden Era Remixes EP Instrumentals

Here are the instrumentals to my remix album "The Golden Era Remixes volume 1" (click for info and downloads). This should have been done a while ago I know, but anyways here it is - the instrumental beat version. Hope you´ll enjoy!

Download the complete instrumental album for here!

Producer: DJ Digga
Album: The Golden Era Remixes Instrumentals
Playing time: 27 minutes
Number of tracks: 10
Bitrate: 320 kbps


1. The Sun Don´t Chill (Digga remix instrumental) - DJ Digga (download)
2. It Ain´t Hard To Tell ((Digga remix instrumental) - Nas (download)
3. Father Time ((Digga remix instrumental) - Saukrates (download)
4. Slang Editorial (Digga remix instrumental) - Cappadonna (download)
5. Ms. Fat Booty (Digga remix instrumental) - Mos Def (download)
6. The U.N.A.S.S.I.S.T.E.D. (Digga remix instrumental) - Rasco (download)
7. Talkin´ To Me (Digga remix instrumental) - Amerie (download)
8. Real Hip Hop (Digga remix instrumental) - Das Efx (download)
9. Fakin´ Jax (Digga remix instrumental)) - Pete Rock & INI (download)
10. Rock On (Digga remix instrumental)) - Funkdoobiest (download)

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