21 sep. 2008

DJ Digga Mixtape Volume 9 (1999)

Dope tunes from a forgotten age... Cella Dwellas "Main Aim" is still today one of my all time favourite indie hip hop tracks, everything is just on point on that cut! And De La´s "I Can´t Call It" from the High School High soundrack is just amazing. "Ma Generation" by french chick Sté was always my opening track when doing gigs back then, that Eurythmics sample is just killin´ it. Remember going to the 7 Eleven outside my university to get the noodle pack to scan and create this cover from.

Download DJ Digga Mixtape Volume 9 (1999) here!

(256 kbps, 100 mb, 73 minutes, 25 tracks)>


1. Intro - DJ Won Digga
2. Words From The Nutcracker - Gang Starr feat. The Nutcracker
3. Venom - Arsonists
4. Work The Angles - Dilated Peoples
5. Main Aim - Cella Dwellas
6. Blood Sweat And Tears - M.O.P.
7. You Got Me - The Roots feat. Erykah Badu
8. Ma Generation - Sté
9. Un Regard De 6 Minutes Sur La Détresse Des Jeunes - Scurfy, Shurik´n etc...
10. Lowlands Anthem Pt. 1 - Defari
11. Petrified - Basement Khemist
12. Bucktown remix - Cocoa Brovaz feat. M.O.P.
13. Welfare Love - Dr. Dooom
14. The Main Event (inst.)/Through These Veins (acca.) - Dilated Peoples/Afu Ra
15. Day By Day - Tommy Tee feat. Punch, Words, A.L. & Talib Kweli
16. Stupid Muthafuckas - Group Home
17. My Kinda Nigga Pt. II - M.O.P. feat. Heather B
18. He Got Game - Public Enemy feat. Steven Stills
19. Uptown Anthem - Naughty By Nature
20. Old To The New - Nice & Smooth
21. Underground Radio Break
22. You Know Now - Show & A.G.
23. It´s Not A Game - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
24. Benz Or A Beamer - Outkast
25. I Can´t Call It - De La Soul

Front and back cd cover. Click image for full size to print.

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Ante sa...

Köpte detta av Blenda-Lars typ 2000 och jag spelar det fortfarande i min bil. Grym blogg det här! Ska ladda mer.