15 nov. 2008

Sexual Healing/Passin´ Me By - DJ Digga remixes (2008)

The best thing with Scratch Live´s Serato is that you can spin your own shit out in the clubs. This is a little something something for the souled out dance floors...

Producer: DJ Digga
Single: Sexual Healing/Passin´ Me By (Digga Remixes)
Number of tracks: 2
Bitrate: 320 kbps


A1: Sexual Healing (DJ Digga remix)
B1: Passin´ Me By (Digga remix)

4 kommentarer:

Matsen sa...

Sweeeeet Soul Music! Marvin is not dead.

Anonym sa...

Love the 'Passin' Me By' remix! Very smooooooth. Nice work.

freezemyheaddotcom sa...

first link dead.. re-up?

Digga sa...

Links working again!